APITA, PITA Farmhouse Membership Recruitment
PITA Farmhouse Membership Recruitment

PITA Farmhouse, a brand-new premier living membership program, is established to gather those who pursue quality lifestyle with taste.

Create your values and style of LOHAS. Come and join our Happy Green Land!

How to become a PITA Farmhouse member?

  1. Spend $800 or above in a single day at APITA G/F.
  2. Apply for PITA Farmhouse member with the original receipt at instore member recruitment counter.
  3. Receive the membership confirmation email to collect the PITA Farmhouse membership card.
  4. PITA Farmhouse members can enjoy exclusive offers by presenting membership card.

Act Now and Join Us! Become PITA Farmhouse member to enjoy an array of exclusive offers and benefits:

  • Priority to register for workshops and special activities held by PITA Farmhouse
  • Birthday reward gift
  • Discounted offers of joint brand partners
  • Preferential discounted price of activities organized by partner institutions
  • Discount at the selected date


2023 April Workshop

Apply Now! https://bit.ly/3t2BJ0c

PITA Farmhouse Membership Terms and Conditions

PITA Farmhouse Membership Program is operated by Unicorn Stores (HK) Limited. Members of PITA Farmhouse Membership Program hereby confirms that he/she agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein below and as may be amended by PITA Farmhouse from time to time.


  1. PITA Farmhouse membership applicant must be aged 18 or over. Each person may apply for PITA Farmhouse membership once.
  2. PITA Farmhouse members enjoy exclusive offers, including priority to register for workshops and special activities held by PITA Farmhouse, birthday reward gifts, purchase discount at the selected date etc.
  3. Customer is required to spend $800 or above in a single day at APITA G/F and submit the registration form within 14 days from the receipt date. Any late submission will not be accepted. No replacement will be arranged for the lost receipts.
  4. Customer is required to go APITA G/F Well-Being Space and show the confirmation e-mail in person to collect their own membership cards 7 days after receiving the e-mail. Membership will be effective upon collecting membership card at store.
  5. Customer cannot enjoy member exclusive offers, before collecting the PITA Farmhouse membership card.
  6. The selected birthday gifts to PITA Farmhouse change from time to time, and cannot be exchanged, returned nor refunded.
  7. PITA Farmhouse member enjoys 3% off purchase discount on 10th of every month in APITA. Discount is not applicable for fixed price items, and cannot be used in conjunctions with other offers. Unless specified, offer is only applicable for purchase in designated consignments. Offer is not applicable to purchases of APITA / UNY gift certificates, consignment gift certificates, cigarettes, infant formula, APITA / UNY e-Shop online shopping, membership fees, PITA Farmhouse workshop fee, Italian Tomato coupons and purchase made through installments and deposits. Return or exchange of goods and refund are not applicable to the Offer. Offer is not transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash, other products, services or any discounts. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, discount offers, shopping and dining coupons, membership card, cash coupon and gift certificate, including but not limited to the APITA / UNY Cash Coupon Promotion, Sunday Morning Special Promotion. For other related terms and conditions, please contact Customer Service Counter. Unicorn Stores (HK) Limited reserves the right to terminate this promotional program at any time without prior notice.
  8. PITA Farmhouse members enjoy discounted offers of joint brand partners.  Discount cannot be used in conjunctions with other offers. For any enquiries regarding the offer details, please contact the staff of the partners. In case of any disputes, Unicorn Stores (HK) Limited and the partners reserve right to make the final decision.
  9. Member must present effective membership cards to enjoy member offers. Other verification channels are not accepted.
  10. If the membership card is lost, please send e-mail to [email protected] for application of replacement.
  11. Information collected from members would be used for direct marketing of PITA Farmhouse and APITA If member wants to opt out, please send e-mail to [email protected] .
  12. Member is responsible for keeping PITA Farmhouse updated on their correct contact information. PITA Farmhouse is not responsible for any loss or damages as a result of member’s failure to notify PITA Farmhouse of any change of contact.
  13. For enquiries, please send an email to [email protected] .
  14. Unicorn Stores (HK) Limited reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any disputes, the decision of Unicorn Stores (HK) Limited shall be final.

PITA Farmhouse Workshops Application Guidelines

  1. PITA Farmhouse can enjoy priority to take part in workshop/activities with special member price. Members should show valid membership card for enrolment. Staff may require participants to provide their membership card so as to verify participants’ identities, and reserves the right to stop those who fail to prove their identities from taking part in workshops and activities with member price.
  2. Each member can reserve a seat for themselves and a guest in each workshop/activity. (except selected activity)
  3. Applicants who enroll for more than one workshop/activity should pay separately for each workshop/activity. Please make correct payment for the fee required. Incomplete application form or wrong payment will not be processed. Your application will only be processed after completing the payment and submitting the application form.
  4. Applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis upon full payment.
  5. After successful application, participates cannot change the chosen workshop session and timeslot.
  6. Workshops/activities are non-redeemable for cash, and other discounts.
  7. The workshop/activity is mainly conducted in Cantonese.
  8. Please arrive 15 minutes before workshop/activity starts, and provide name and phone number, so as to verify your identities.
  9. If, for any reason you are late arriving at a workshop for 15 minutes or above, our staff has absolute discretion to determine the eligibility of a customer to participate in the workshop/activity and no refund or compensation session will be applied.
  10. Participates should bring their own mask and wear it before entering the venue.
  11. Taking pictures or videos of the finished products is permitted only for the participants’ own personal use only; other purposes are strictly prohibited. Any act that is in infringement of copyrighted rights is strictly prohibited. In addition, the act of filming the activities of the event area from outside without the Company’s permission shall also be prohibited at all times.
  12. Participants agree with the organizers to take photographs of, video-tape or audio-record the workshop/activity, and use such photo(s), image(s), audio(s) and video(s) (“Recordings”) for marketing and/or promotional purpose.
  13. Unicorn Stores (HK) Ltd. reserves the right to cancel workshops/activities if the no. of application falls below the requisite minimum, and will notify the affected participant(s) of the cancellation as well as the refund arrangements as soon as possible. Participants should return the original payment receipt for arranging the refund.
  14. No refunds on application fees paid will be made (including absentee or unable to provide related document proof on workshop/activity date, etc.) except in the circumstances when a workshop/activity is full or being cancelled. Participants will be notified for such cases.
  15. Typhoon and Rainstorm Warning Arrangements:
    • If any of the workshop/activity has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, our staff will notify the affected participant(s) of the cancellation as well as the refund arrangements as soon as possible.
    • Generally, if typhoon signal no. 8 or above or red/black rainstorm is hoisted or still hoisted at or after 8:00 am, workshops/activities that day held at 6:00pm or before will be cancelled; if typhoon signal no. 8 or above or red/black rainstorm is hoisted or still hoisted at or after 4:00 pm, workshops/activities that day held after 6:00pm will be cancelled.
    • Apart from the hoisting of typhoon signal no. 8 or above or due to red/black rainstorm, the workshop/activity will not be affected by other weather conditions (unless in special circumstances).
  16. Unicorn Stores (HK) Limited reserves the right to revise, modify or update the Website and/or the workshop and event Information from time to time, which may be done without any notice. Please check this page regularly for any revisions and/or amendments which may be made.
  17. Unicorn Stores (HK) Ltd. has the right to amend any of these terms and conditions without any prior notice.
  18. In case of any disputes, Unicorn Stores (HK) Ltd. reserves the final right of decision.

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