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The protracted pandemic has brought about paradigm shifts in how consumers shop online and offline. Unicorn Stores (HK) Limited is a member of Henderson Land Group that operates multiple premium Japanese lifestyle department store and supermarket brands, including APITA, UNY and GUU SAN. Mr. Paul Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Unicorn Stores welcomes these changes with open arms by offering high quality fresh products, grocery, household, lifestyle and innovative products and services to meet new demands.



Hongkongers’ affection for Japanese culture and their products have been deeply ingrained through decades of favourable retail experiences as they recognize and appreciate Japan’s attention to detail and quality. Paul is grateful for local consumers’ trust, support and loyalty, and by following in the footsteps of their Japanese partners in curating Japanese quality choices, he hopes to bring along new ideas and products for Japanese lifestyle lovers and busy urbanites who intend on pursuing excellence in their purchase of daily necessities.



The pandemic has undoubtedly brought about various changes to consumers’ living and day-to-day habits, says Paul. The retailer group hopes to connect people to admire and pursue the simplicity and refinement of Japanese culture. “Representing multiple quality brands, our customer-centric shopping space boasts the latest trending items, high-quality fresh foods and groceries,” he explains. “We invite Hongkongers, after a busy day of work, to relax and indulge in the quality products we’ve sourced directly from Japan and around the world.”



The pandemic has forced retailers to work hard to adjust to the market changes. Paul notes that many consumers who have been staying home to fight the virus, have also taken up an interest in home cooking, which has blessed Unicorn Stores with exciting opportunities to supply cookware and ingredients as consumers take up their new-found joy in the kitchen.


Online shopping has undeniably become increasingly popular, and the pandemic has provided added impetus as consumers still have to meet their family’s needs while staying indoors. The Company’s loyalty program – CU APP and online shop – APITA UNY eShop have done incredibly well to accommodate the modern consumer’s need for more personalised shopping experiences, which is in line with Japanese-style services, advocating thoughtfulness and attentiveness.


With a resoundingly positive response towards the CU APP and eshops, Paul reveals CU APP has amassed over 250,000 members and reached new customers who can further learn about their brand and services as a whole. CU APP will also remind members of upcoming promotions or member day so they can easily accumulate their membership points for more shopping privileges or rewards across different brands. APITA UNY eShop saves customers’ browsing time, increases efficiency and allows customers to shop at their own pace.



With that said, brick and mortar stores also possess unique and irreplaceable qualities which are unobtainable in online shops, as witnessed from the Well-Being Space in APITA ground floor which completed its renovations just a little over a year ago. The Well-Being Space store design mimics Japanese landscape and architecture, resulting in a trendy mix of geometric elements and natural materials, and shines a spotlight on intentional living with their lifestyle specialty goods. The Well-Being Space avoids a unilateral design and has integrated lighting and ensures practicality of spatial usage. “The brand is shifting towards sustainable green living, and customers can look forward to seeing more organic and eco-friendly products within our store,” Paul adds.



In order to extend the superb shopping experience, the renovation of the ground floor of APITA at Cityplaza has just commenced after serving customers for over 30 years. A fresh debut is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022. The new APITA will add elements such as Japanese dining concepts, artistic trends, innovation and technology and Japanese ACG, to provide more diversified product choices for customers.


Paul adds that with the upcoming plans for the supermarket’s basement section, customers can expect some very appealing dine-in experiences and pop-up cuisines within APITA and its supermarket. “We hope the new store design will blur the lines between the sections in our stores, and help customers discover new and pleasant experiences,” he says.


“UNY and APITA are committed to providing memorable shopping experiences, paired with our well-rounded customer services, to satisfy every customer’s overall needs and to courteously pair them with the products of their dreams,” Paul concludes. “We’re planning to expand our services to the New Territories which is a future hub of growth and branch out new products and experiences to nearby residents. It will certainly be an exciting development for all to look forward to!”


Source: The Standard

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